Hidrante Residencia #5 Natalia Lassalle Morillo
Natalia Lassalle-Morillo


Open Studio



During her time at San Juan 721, Natalia Lassalle-Morillo will use the residency as a meeting space during the development, rehearsal and filming process of En Parábola with the Puerto Rican cast. The residency will focus on working on a series of rehearsals and filming in and out of space during the month, in preparation for the exhibition of En Parábola in January 2024 at the Amant Foundation, New York. En Parábola/Conversations on Tragedy is a multi-platform project that reimagines the myth of Antigone with a cast of non-professional artists residing in Puerto Rico and its diaspora in New York. Developed through extensive rehearsals, writing and collaborative filming, the cast and Lassalle Morillo rewrite and perform their version of Antigone based on her lived experiences. Taking the form of a multichannel film and a series of live theatrical performances in Puerto Rico and the United States, En Parabola seeks to connect communities in the archipelago and the Puerto Rican diaspora after decades of geographic fragmentation, displacement, migration, environmental problems and economic tragedies , through a process of collective theatrical collaboration. Rewriting collective memory, In Parable visualizes sovereignty beyond an intellectual discourse as an ineffable transformative process that includes stories, bodies and ghosts.

Parábola/Conversations on Tragedy, 2024. Production still.

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